Residential Projects


Ridgecrest - Austin, TX

Ridgecrest is a residential addition over an existing outdoor deck located in Westlake Hills. The addition features exposed steel frame clad within wood. The structural system was developed in collaboration with the project architect, Pollen Architecture & Design in order to conceal connections and ensuring the steel frame is subtle, yet rhythmic in layout. 

Architect: Pollen Architecture & Design
General Contractor:
Redtail Construction
Steel Fabricator:
Mother Built


Marfa Air - Marfa, TX

Nothing displays "art" and "living" together like the West Texas scene in Marfa. Marfa Air is an expression of this lifestyle. Designed in close collaboration with Architect Jeff Garnett, the exposed Corten steel structure is designed to weather naturally with little maintenance. 

Architect: Jeff Garnett
General Contractor: TBD


Temple Residence - Austin, TX

The Temple is an addition and expansion to an existing house in Austin, Texas. Working in close collaboration with Architect Jack Eure, the design of the additional exemplifies high design.

Architect: Jack Eure

General Contractor: Enve Builders